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We can help. Lead by seasoned advertising sales executive Ashley Hughes, our sales team will review your current offerings, package some compelling deals and get stuck into sales. Yes, we’ll pick up the phone, we’ll generate leads, we’ll manage email sales campaigns, we’ll setup appointments for your reps on the ground.


Twitter results from a recent summit in Australia – over 10 million impressions during the 4 days!

Social Media

As a newspaper or magazine publisher, you are in the best seat in the house for new media. With content firmly at the throne as king of all marketing ingredients, professional publishers are the favorite choice for ad and marketing agencies worldwide.

Anyone can tweet something. Anyone can post a blog, a comment in a forum or share a link in Linkedin… but newspapers and magazines are still the most highly trusted media. Your credibility is your biggest asset. Now, imagine the power of that credibility mixed with a powerful social media and communications strategy!

The more work you do your own social media, the more you can offer your customers, and so it builds exponentially. If you have 5000 Twitter followers, you can sell Tweets as part of your advertising packages. And the more social impetus you have, the more you get. IT’S WONDERFUL!!

If you would like to offer these sort of results to some of your advertisers, contact EzyMedia today!