14 Newspaper Websites

One of fourteen websites developed for Canadian publishing group Aberdeen Publishing. This is a simple, fully responsive website that changes format depending on access device – laptop, tablet, mobile etc. It utilizes revenue generating subsites like Classifieds and Events that are integrated into the overall design theme, with built-in e-commerce functionality. See customer website here.

Multi-Language Design

The publisher wanted an easy-to-use newspaper website that allowed visitors and administrators to quickly choose their preferred language. The Indo-Okanagan Times was especially challenging owing to the significant differences between the language at code level. Everyone learned a lot from this project and the customer was delighted with the prompt result. See Indo-Okanagan Times website.

Website Design

The Vue Weekly was a highly customized website build recently completed for an urban newspaper in Canada. This website incorporates a range of opensource and proprietary code to deliver a sophisticated, functionally rich newspaper site that astounded the client. We won’t list all the goodies here, check it out yourself. See Vue Weekly website.

Magazine Mockup

Mockup page layout design and layout for The Elephant Magazine, launching April 2014. This mockup allowed the publisher to sell advertising and subscriptions for a magazine that was yet to launch. Customers were able to see that this would be a high-quality professional magazine, not simply an ambitious hobby hope. See mockup here.

Publisher Tips

< Prev Next > Link Read by over 53,000 visitors, this quick 16-page document presents fresh ideas in easily digested graphics and dot-points. While we can help with all activities highlighted in this brochure, you can also do a lot of it yourself. Happy publishing! See brochure here. Other Recent Projects Zoom 14 Newspaper Websites…

Website Launch

Panama City Living Magazine recently launched a new EzyMedia website and signed on for EzyMedia’s ongoing web management services, which includes proofing and uploading articles to the site, managing online ads and monitoring comments, spam etc. Offloading this time-consuming work allows PCL to focus on building their brand and revenues in the local market. Visit…