Comparing Newspaper and Magazine Software and Services

Recently we have been asking some of our customers for feedback on our software, services and account management. The overall scorecard was positive, but quite frankly could have been much better. The take-away is that we now have some great insights into what we are doing right, wrong and indifferently. We also have a better idea of where publishers see the industry heading. With so many software and service companies out there providing some pretty amazing solutions, it occurred to me that an overall comparative wiki-type chart of the marketplace

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might be a handy reference for publishers. Yes, a little risky for our own brand, but we’re up for it. So, if you would like to receive the results of this survey, please fill it in and share/tweet/like across your social network. The more feedback, the better for all. We will publish overall summary findings as well as scores against features, benefits, pricing etc. Thanks for participating!.

Author: John Hanccok

John Hancock is the CEO of EzyMedia. John has been in media for almost 15 years. He launched his own newspaper in 2004 with a print circulation of 35,000 copies. In 2006 John raised significant venture capital to build out EzyMedia. Since then John has met with 200+ publishers worldwide and EzyMedia has built and/or managed almost 500 newspaper and magazine websites. John enjoys reading, singing, painting, traveling and family time.

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